McPi Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Racing Raspberry Pi Case

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You have found the ultimate Pi-ing machine.

This is a supreme quality, motorsports enthusiast’s Raspberry Pi case like no other.

Our McPi case is precision machined from 6061 aluminum, bead blasted and anodized with a matte silver finish.  Topped with a real carbon fiber bonnet and assembled with stainless fasteners, this case has the racing pedigree to put your Raspberry Pi in the winner’s circle.

“It’s like putting your Pi in a Ferrari Suit!”

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MACSBOOST “McPi” Ultra Premium Motorsport Grade Raspberry Pi Case.

  • Highest performance passive cooling case available
  • Full overclocked performance with no throttling
  • Carbon fiber bonnet
  • Precision machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Bead blasted and anodized silver matte
  • Integral Monoblock heatsink case feature for cpu and ethernet
  • Stainless steel power switch with custom wiring loom
  • Blue ring LED indicator
  • Extra gravity with low CG optimization
  • Symmetric Pi aRe squared design
  • Wind tunnel tested, leaf blower resistant
  • Optimum (CL) and minimum (CD) at 45 deg angles of attack

*Designed to fit the Pi 3B+ form factor perfectly and is recommended.  While a 3B non-plus will fit it is not recommended.

Switch configuration instructions

Thermal performance blog post:

Custom Designed by MACSBOOST in Race City, USA

Raspberry Pi not included!

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

1 review for McPi Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Racing Raspberry Pi Case

  1. Jon P

    Mac has put the rPi 3B+ into a very solid, precision machined case on-par with the best enclosures in motorsports. I have relied on very similar designs to house sensitive, mission critical electronics mounted on race cars zipping around at well over 200mph on the most demanding race circuits.

    The Pi fit perfectly with slight interference, just enough to ensure good contact with the heat sink, which does a great job of rejecting the heat created by the CPU. The led-lit power button is a very nice touch as is the carbon fiber cover. It’s a highly recommended, top-notch piece of kit.

    My unit performs computing duties in my Jeep Wrangler as well as in the field connected to my QRP ham rig running digital modes and other software defined radio functions.

    This is, by far, the slickest, most robust rPi case out there.

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