MACSBOOST Velocity Stack Air Intake Yamaha Waverunner SHO SVHO

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  • Fits all years Yamaha Waverunner Supercharged SHO and SVHO Personal Watercraft, excluding FZR/FZS models.
  • Radical custom design delivers maximum flow in a compact space.
  • Highest performance you can buy. Don’t get hosed by the competition!
  • Eliminate the highly restrictive stock air intake system.

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  • Radical custom design delivers dramatically more flow than an open supercharger!
  • Easiest Install
  • Highest Quality Marine Materials, Urethane and 316 Stainless Screen, Non-Magnetic!
  • Fits all years FX SHO/SVHO, including 19 models and tight clearance 18 and earlier models.
  • Fits all years GP1800 and GP1800R
  • Application Specific MACSBOOST Custom Molded Velocity Stack and Vortex Top
  • Ultra high bang for the buck upgrade!
  • Does not fit FZR or FZS models.

This is no ordinary intake.  Our Velocity stack Intake is completely custom molded. The radical performance increase is no accident.  It was specifically engineered for the HKS Supercharger on your 1.8 engine.  This air filter is the only elliptic curve velocity stack intake you can buy and is and perfectly matched and scientifically proven to feed the most air possible into your supercharger.  We leveraged our years of experience at the highest levels of motorsport to engineer this game changing product.

Back to back testing on a stock class race boat yielded a 200 rpm gain over a competitor’s high performance air intake. 9100RPM->9300RPM. More radically modified engines could see even better results.  Obviously, your results may vary.  Non speed restricted tunes are recommended for best results.

Also recommended is the Uni Breather Filter when removing the stock air box.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

1 review for MACSBOOST Velocity Stack Air Intake Yamaha Waverunner SHO SVHO

  1. Jim

    I’ve been into performance parts for decades. In my opinion this the absolutely the best air filter I’ve ever seen.

    On my Riva stage 3 Yamaha FXSVHO I gained 110 rpm and almost 1 mph with this filter over the one in the stage 3 kit.

    I’m sure it would be much more over the stock intake

    Easy install and opens up the engine compartment. I can highly recommend it


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