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Tesla Model S and X have excessive tire wear. The MACSBOOST Palladium kit can help you fix it.

Yes, the Tesla S and X run and drive great off the showroom floor. But by the time you have driven home the tire damage is already started. The stock suspension is designed with an appetite for tire wear!

new tesla s and x off the showroom floor
new tesla s and x off the showroom floor

Are you finding yourself shelling out thousands of dollars for new tires every six months due to uneven wear? How many alignments have you gone through? How many more will it take before you realize there’s a superior solution?

The Problem:

The S and X suspension was designed to operate safely at high heights and at high speeds. The software however prevents this from ever happening. The active suspensions always lower over certain speeds. They also start in “low” every time you get in to drive. As the vehicle lowers, camber increases to levels that are excessive for best performance and wear.

Tesla getting its tires replaced every six months!

To ensure the best overall driving experience at the heights they typically operate in, less camber is actually needed compared to the stock setup. Reduced camber provides improved straight-line traction and significantly extends tire lifespan. Moreover, some low-profile tires struggle with high camber, leading to premature sidewall cracking and, in some cases, sudden deflation, with tire wear concealed beneath the vehicle.

Tesla’s latest solution is to encourage you to inspect and rotate your tires more frequently through service reminders, ultimately resulting in more tire purchases. Unfortunately, for all the latest S and X models, you cannot rotate the rear tires because they are of different sizes and directional. Fortunately, there is an alternative. offers a genuine remedy for your suspension woes and provides round-the-clock product support!

The MACSBOOST Superior solution:

Our palladium kit for the 2021+ vehicles is designed to restore the camber to its correct alignment as it should have been upon delivery. Our kit has been engineered for straightforward installation, eliminating the need for additional alignment visit after installation. It is the least invasive solution available and offers a factory-quality hardware fix.

Order from the website today and quit destroying your tires!