MACSBOOST Yamaha Waverunner Carbon Fiber Speedometer Block Off Plate

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MACSBOOST Yamaha Waverunner Carbon Fiber Speedometer block off plate.

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The highest performance block off plate EVER for your Yamaha personal watercraft.  CNC machined from a solid chunk of 5mm carbon fiber there is nothing stronger or lighter available for your ski.

Eliminate the speed robbing and inaccurate stock paddle wheel sensor and replace it with the strongest and best looking block-off plate on the market. Useful when converting to GPS based speedometer sensors or just eliminating the stock pickup.

Fits Yamaha Waverunner models, including the VXR, GP1800, FX, FXHO, FXSVHO, FX Limited, etc.

Designed to re-use the stock fasteners, or you can convert to countersunk if you wish(not included).

You may need to grind off the nubs on your plate for this to fit, depending on the version ride plate you have.

A better fit on aftermarket plates that often use plate aluminum that is too thin.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .25 in


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