MACSBOOST Tesla S X Camber Kit 2021+ Palladium

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The Camber Correction Kit is the ultimate fix for 2021+ Tesla Model S and X tire wear.  Easiest Installation with ultimate durability!  NO Alignment service required after install. This is the best and lowest cost fix available!  We are the original and best way to fix your camber without an additional alignment required.



The Rear Camber Correction Kit is the ultimate solution for 2021+ Tesla Model S and X refresh (Palladium drivetrain) owners who want to achieve optimal every day performance and tire wear.  Our kit is made of the best materials, lifetime warranty and is the easiest to install. There is NO alignment service required after install of our kit. Every refreshed S or X needs this kit.  

Don’t think you are an exception.  All S and X models have the same excessive camber.  Without our kit you will be buying tires far more often.  This kit safely reduces camber to where it should have come from the factory.  Our unique design allows for a fool proof installation and will never fall out or corrode.

Once installed, camber is reduced in all levels.  Camber in very low is now less than it was in mid unmodified.   This spec gives you the best all around everyday performance and tire wear.  To put it another way, camber is reduced to a spec in “low” comparable to a 3 series BMW.  In “very low” camber is comparable to that of an M3 or GLE 63AMG.  You get the best of both worlds.  Normal camber for every-day, and high performance camber when in the lowest setting, on-demand with 40% or better tire life.

The installation process is quick and easy, and best of all, there’s no need to take your car to be realigned. The kit includes instructions to recalibrate toe without any special tools. Even as a DIYer, in just 30 minutes total install time you can be back on the road.

Don’t settle for subpar tire wear and traction. Upgrade your Palladium Tesla Model S or X with the Rear Camber Kit and experience the benefits of improved performance and better tire wear without the hassle of a realignment or more costly over complicated parts.  Again, EVERY Refresh model S or X needs this kit.

Suitable for all models S and X, Plaid and Long range 2021+ 2022, 2023, with the palladium drivetrain. Only one kit needed per vehicle.  Don’t fall for inferior quality or more complicated fixes.  Still uncertain?  Give MACSBOOST a call at 1.704.FAST.MAC and let us convince you MACSBOOST the only way to go.  We are the experts and offer the best quality and most durable fix at any price.

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If you have a 2021 and earlier S or X we also have an camber adjustable arm kit for you here.

*Lifetime warranty on our kit components!*

24/7 Support available from our facebook page!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

8 reviews for MACSBOOST Tesla S X Camber Kit 2021+ Palladium

  1. supermac

    Great questions. Differences in camber L to R are most often a result of the height being incorrectly calibrated. Read our article here: I’m 99% sure the right side of your vehicle is too low. Trying to fix asymmetric camber without the height being correct would be a fool’s errand. I highly suggest getting tesla to recalibrate height. The height can be calibrated before or after installing the kit. No extra bolts are needed.

  2. Chekai Lin (verified owner)

    A Camber Kit Worth Every Penny

    I recently purchased this camber kit for my Tesla and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The top three highlights of my experience were:

    1. Easy installation: The kit came with all the necessary hardware and clear instructions, making the installation process a breeze.

    2. Customer service: The seller was very knowledgeable and provided prompt support whenever I needed assistance or had questions during my installation.

    3. Pricing: The camber kit is competitively priced, offering an excellent cost-effective solution for Tesla S/X owners looking to improve their vehicle’s performance.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend this camber kit to any Tesla S/X owner looking for an easy-to-install, well-priced solution backed by outstanding customer service. Don’t miss out on this fantastic product!

  3. anish

    Is this camber kit adjustable? Or is it preset from factory?

    • supermac

      This kit adjust it a fixed amount. The stock suspension is fixed, just fixed in the wrong place. In 99% of cases adjustability is unnecessary and opens the door to more headaches and problems. They can be installed without any special tools or alignment equipment in 30 minutes. This kit has the added benefit of keeping your existing toe settings if they are in spec.

  4. Eric Chatelain

    If we change 21 wheel for 20 inch do we still need this kit ? I keep the exact same set up as the 21 in terme of diameter !! (28.13 diameter)

    Tank in advance

    • supermac

      This kit improves camber for any tire setup. You will see greater straight line traction and stability, as well as far greater tire life. It is still a high performance alignment but tuned for the real world vs a race track.

  5. Randy Green (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! It was easy to install with excellent instructions and will pay for itself in no time in tire savings. Car truly sits the way it should’ve from the factory now. Also, no post alignment needed.

  6. Rudy (verified owner)

    Added chamber kit to my MS-Plaid and a 400 hundred mile road trip post install. Immediately noticed the ride quality largely increased. This was unexpected, but makes sense as the rear tires are no longer riding on the inner edge, but rather on the width of the tread. Do expect tread life to increase as it was also immediately noticeable that the tread contact surface/patch moved about 1.5 inches toward the outer tire edge. As the Plaid is used solely as a road car both the improved ride quality and expected increased tire life significantly enhances the quality of ownership. Easy install with both tires off the ground, removal of the three camber arm bolts, loosening of the upper lateral control are bolts at the housing, 12″ screw driver between the disc slots to lightly pry the disc outward to facilitate re-installation of the upper camber arm bolt at the disc. housing. Special thanks to Mr. Mac for his customer service and the resulting road improvements.

  7. Rahim

    What ride height is the kit up for on the model x? Does it solves the problem of the inner tire wear on the low ride height setting? Or it just solves the problem on the standard ride height setting?

  8. Rahim

    This is correct question I wanted to ask. Sorry.
    What ride height is the kit solving for on the model x? Does it solves the problem of the inner tire wear on the low ride height setting? Or it just solves the problem on the standard ride height setting?

    • supermac

      Tire wear is dramatically improved at every height. Again, LOW is the default or standard height on the model X. Every time you turn the vehicle off and on it goes back to LOW.

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