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Yamaha Waverunner Factory Audio got your battery down?

Yamaha Waverunner with the battery-killing built in audio

The 2021+ Factory audio systems on Yamaha Waverunners have a known high draw when stored for even short periods. 2 weeks may be all it takes to completely drain the battery if not ridden or put on a trickle charger.

sea doo switch battery is dead after storage
sea doo switch battery is dead after storage

We know it is not practical for everyone to keep their watercraft plugged in when not in use. It can be dangerous if near water and just not something you want to deal with for every ride.

We offer the simplest solution to the problem. The MACSBOOST battery mount cut off switch. This innovative switch mounts directly to your battery without modification. With a twist of your wrist you can instantly disconnect your battery. Walk away with the piece of mind that the next time you want to go ride your watercraft will be ready for fun.

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