MACSBOOST Uni Air Filter 12X 15X

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Macsboost honda aquatrax high performance air filter.

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A MACSBOOST exclusive UNI filter product, this UNI air filter features large foam pores and more surface area.  Designed for marine wet environments this filter is not designed to filter dust but to catch water droplets.  New for 2018 this filter is even larger than before for more performance.

Required for usage with the MACSBOOST intercooler as the stock airbox must be removed.  Mounts directly to the turbo inlet.

This high performance air filter fits all years Honda Aquatrax turbocharged F12X, R12x, F15X watercraft.


**The UNI air filter has been superseded but is still available as it is more economical.   We now recommend our velocity stack intake for honda aquatrax skis for more performance and RPM.

MACSBOOST Velocity Stack Intake Turbocharged Honda Aquatrax

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in


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