MACSBOOST Yamaha SVHO Blow Off Valve

$399.00 $259.99

  • Increase supercharger clutch reliability!
  • EZ 10 minute Installation
  • No drilling or tapping
  • Compatible with Stock airbox (or delete and get the most power available! with our Yamaha velocity stack intake)
  • Highest quality custom Silicone/ barbed nylon vacuum hose connection kit
  • CAD designed perfect fit Silicone hose
  • Highest performance and fastest acting SQV style BOV kit with largest port available
  • Custom marinized SQV valve with stainless steel fasteners and our valving specs
  • Stainless euroseal hose clamp
  • Great SQV Sound!

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Improve the reliability of your Yamaha WaveRunner FX, Cruiser, GP1800R, FZR, FZS SHO/SVHO supercharger by adding a MACSBOOST high performance blow off valve.  Fits all years 1.8 Yamaha Supercharged engines Boats and Personal Watercraft.

The Kit includes our exclusive heavy duty custom silicone coupler, heavy wall silicone vacuum line, vacuum T, all stainless hose clamp, stainless circlip, gapless hose clamp for BOV port, high quality sequential style SSQV SQV BOV.  Our valves are made custom for us and are set to open quickly, but include a feature that allows the valve to bleed signal such that the valve is guaranteed to remain shut during steady state cruise or idle.  This means there is no tuning or adjustment needed and the valve always responds quickly and repeatedly to transients. The valve and adapter circlip come pre-assembled.    Easy 10 minute install: No removal of the manifold is required, no drilling or tapping.

The SVHO superchargers are known to shear gear teeth, fail clutches, twist supercharger shafts and destroy your very expensive supercharger.  Going from full boost to closed throttle causes the most stress on the shaft, gear and clutch.  The BOV gives a safe place for the compressed air to dump and reduce the mechanical stress on the compressor and clutch assembly.  The MACSBOOST blow off valve is your best defense against premature damage.

The sequential design of the BOV allows for the fastest response while our exclusive industry leading large port ensures maximum flow.

QUALITY: Attention to detail is what makes MACSBOOST the best.  We use extra thick silicone vacuum tubing that needs no zip ties, Premium euroseal All stainless gapless hose clamps and barbed nylon hose tees.  Our valve assembly is also assembled with stainless bolts and nuts and now with a stainless circlip.  You won’t find this anywhere else!


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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