Yamaha Boat Gauge Hoods 86mm and Buttons

Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $119.99.

Set of 3, 86mm gauge hoods. Provide sunlight, UV and extra water resistance to your gauges.  Cheap insurance to make your expensive boat gauges last longer!  Now includes 6x replacement gauge rubberized button caps.  They are  proprietary design that allows for easy install.   We offer a lifetime warranty (postage not included) on replacement buttons, but these should last far longer than the originals.


Add thermonuclear protection to your Yamaha jet boat gauges(and other boats with 86mm or 3-3/8 gauges). (UV, or Sun damage resistant)

Easy to install and made of a cosmetically pleasing, thermally resistant, water resistant black plastic.

Professionally designed and made by MACSBOOST specifically for this application and ready to install!  Properly shaped to snugly fit in the existing openings.  Compatible with hydrophase and perfect pass speed control and cruise control gps gauges.

Cheap insurance to make your expensive gauges last longer!  Also fits most other 86mm applications and other boats, cars and hot rods.

Now includes 6x new  replacement rubber buttons for your existing yamaha sport boat gauges.  The buttons are a new Macsboost design to allow good sealing, tactile feel and painless installation!  Typically these buttons rot first.. Then water gets inside and destroys the gauge.  Don’t let your priceless gauges fall victim to water damage.

Set of 3.  Free economy shipping in the USA.


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