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Add 10 HP to your Honda Aquatrax F15X  Turbocharged Personal Watercraft with the MACSBOOST Module.  The module instantly increases power.


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NEW for Summer 2023 !  

Add 10 HP 100 PRM and 1 psi of boost  to your Honda Aquatrax F-15X  Turbocharged Personal Watercraft.  Our plug in module instantly increases power and RPM safely.  We know you treasure your Honda, and this is the way to get more performance in the safest way possible.  Fuel mileage is unaffected unless going wide open. Heat soak is largely indiscernible as these machines operate at lower boost ranges and make less heat.  If you have been waiting for 15 years for more, now is your chance!

This limited availability version has special programming developed exclusively for the F15X.  It also uses factory sealed connectors so there is no cutting, splicing or other modifications and is removable without a trace.

Compatible ONLY with the 08-09 15X Turbocharged Honda Aquatrax Watercraft. It is not compatible with 12X.

Combined with the MACSBOOST pump wedge, MACSBOOST 15X Rideplate MACSBOOST Velocity stack Intake and Uni Breather, 70MPH is within reach.

Compatible with iphone, android heart rate applications like map my ride for IOS, Android as well as our MACSBOOST Boost Gauge App.

The module is simple to add.  Just pop off the seat and plug it in.   No tuning or guesswork is necessary.

91 Octane Recommended.  All factory safeguards are retained. i.e. 87 octane will yield poor performance but not cause any trouble.

Download the Android App now!

Direct Android Download link (.apk file)

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 × 6 in


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