MACSBOOST Intercooler Kit 12X

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MACSBOOST Presents thee ultimate Honda Aquatrax intercooler kit for your Honda turbocharged 12x series watercraft.  Already have a MACSBOOST Module Pro and want more power? This is for you!  We recommend to START with the module.  A module alone will beat an intercooler alone EVERY time!  Once you have the module, this is your next step.  With module, the Intercooler Amplifies the module’s effect.  Gains are amazing, see below..

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The awesome MACSBOOST intercooler reduces intake temperatures 100 degrees over stock at high boost levels.  Gains are 40-50Hp when combined with the MACSBOOST module pro.   93 octane recommended for 17.5psi. This intercooler also allows for safe operation up to 16.5psi on 91 octane with the module.  If you have some high octane fuel available, 19.5psi is possible.

This is a completely custom fin layup core and custom fabricated end tank arrangement optimized for the thermal and flow requirements of your Honda Aquatrax Turbo.  More fins for better heat transfer, wider air passages for low pressure drop and thinner water passages for increased water velocity.  Optimized for the unique thermodynamic environment of a high boost psi PWC.

HP Intercooler Core
Ultra high quality oversized silicone feed hose with MACSBOOST logo!
Boost tuning kit
Mounting bracket
Mounting Hardware
All stainless clamps

Beware of knock off products.  They make fantastic claims a but without the proper design and calibrated boost tuning kit you are wasting your time!

Requires removal of the stock airbox and use of the high flow Uni Air filter or the MACSBOOST velocity stack intake for Honda Aquatrax Turbo and the and crankcase breather

Instructions for intercooler


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 14 in


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