MACSBOOST Intercooler Kit 12X

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Already have a macsboost module and want more power, this is for you.  We present the ultimate honda aquatrax intercooler kit for your Honda turbocharged 12x series watercraft.  This intercooler reduces intake temperatures 100 degrees over stock at high boost levels.  Gains are 40-50Hp when combined with the MACSBOOST module pro.   93 octane recommended.  This intercooler also allows for safe operation on 91 octane with the module.

Includes: boost tuning kit, mounting bracket, hardware, all stainless clamps, fittings and a ultra high quality oversized silicone inlet hose.

Requires removal of the stock airbox and use of the Uni Air filter and crankcase breather.


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Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 14 in


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