MACSBOOST 12X Stage 2 Kit

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The ultimate MACSBOOST performance combo kit for your 12X Honda
Aquatrax Turbocharged personal watercraft.


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The ultimate performance combo for your 12X Honda Aquatrax Turbocharged personal watercraft.  Everything you need to take it to the next level!


MACSBOOST Intercooler and boost tuning kit
MACSBOOST 17/29 Impeller
High Flow Air Filter
Crankcase Breather

Adds approximately 40Hp over stock on 93 octane.  Huge increases in acceleration and top end.  Up to 50hp possible with 98 octane.

for even more power check out our stage 2 plus kit!  New for 2019! MACSBOOST 12X Stage 2 Plus Kit

We have many customers over 500 hours.  This kit maximizes reliability and performance.

Instructions for intercooler



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Weight 24 lbs

2 reviews for MACSBOOST 12X Stage 2 Kit

  1. Roy Flaiz (verified owner)

    Great product, did the install after work and went on great.

  2. Timmy

    I have to Say I am Sorry I Never Got back to write a Review. I remember waiting for Mac to get his First Batch of intercoolers made Back in 2003-04 i think it was. Well Long Story short. I bought the stage 1 then stage 2 for my Honda F12X. I would run half race gas and half 92 non Ethanol Gas and it made a Huge Difference. I had 2 2003 Honda F12X Skis with 19 Hours on them and i did every mod that Mac had to offer at that time. I remember he was in the process of doing Head work and cams and MSD on his own Aqua trax. That was a long while ago. But i Never did come back and write this Review. Long over Due Thank you Mac. These Kits Make all the difference. I could not have been happier. God Bless You. Timmy Mount Laurel, NJ

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