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Why you should install a velocity stack air intake on your Yamaha SHO/SVHO Waverunner

The yamaha Air intake for SHO/SVHO watercraft has always been highly restrictive. The small double right angle S hose was never ideal for allowing airflow. This was always a problem.

Then, in 2019 yamaha changed their supercharger wheels to more efficient models. They made too much power for stock form. Yamaha then modified their air filters to be half the old surface area, greatly reducing power.

Shown below is the highly restrictive 2019+ stock Yamaha Waverunner svho intake filter vs the 2017 stock filter.  Upgrading your intake on 2019+ SVHO will make a huge difference and this is a big reason why!  Yamaha eliminated 50% of the breathing area to cripple your engine.

2019+ Yamaha SVHO Filter
2019 + SVHO air filter with the restrictive smaller element
2018 and earlier SVHO stock yamaha waverunnerintake filter
2018 and earlier SVHO full size
air filter element.

Eliminate all of this an install a MACSBOOST Velocity Stack Air Intake Yamaha Waverunner SHO SVHO and Uni crankcase breather.

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