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Efficient, Ultra High Pressure and Flow, our fan is the top choice for many NASCAR and Daytona Prototype Racing teams.  It has endured 12 hours of Daytona and 24 hour of Le Mans.  It can even be found on the 83 of Tim Brown at Bowman gray.

Save 7 to 10 pounds plus ¾ of a horsepower using the Ultimate Helmet fan in place of your existing air conditioning system.  The 3.7 Oz. helmet blower fan uses the highest performance, latest technology and is sized perfectly for the typical air flow seen in helmet.  The high pressure design is efficient and capable of pushing more air to your helmet with less power.  Can your fan be measured in inches of ping pong ball?

Air flow to the helmet is comparable or exceeds current motorsport air conditioning systems.  This fan also works well as an inline booster for highly restrictive helmets and CO scrubber systems.

Rugged 3d printed UV stable ASA Plastic hose adapters include stator veins and inlet/exit cones for maximum flow and pressure beyond anything previously available. Ends are sized to fit typical 1.25” ID helmet hose.

Capable of high pressure in excess of 4” WC and up to 30cfm while drawing just less than 2 amps.  Supplied with fly leads, 12V.


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