MACSBOOST Tesla S X Camber arm set

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MACSBOOST Tesla model S and model X ultra high performance adjustable camber arms.  Significantly improve tire life and reduce camber!

for 2013-2020 Tesla model S and X


MACSBOOST Tesla model S and model X ultra high performance adjustable camber arms.  These heavy duty forged aluminum arms allow for a significant reduction in camber.   In stock form S and X are not adjustable for camber.

The Tesla spec allows for up to 3 degrees.  While “in spec,” at low travel it is far too high for best performance and tire wear.   At normal heights this spec is designed for best slalom times without regard to tire wear.  At low heights camber is extreme and just not where it should be.   Lower heights have more camber due to the camber gain of the stock geometry.  Our adjustable arms put your tires in a much happier place at both normal and low heights for best real world performance and wear.

These camber arms do not require toe arms for significant adjustment and should be all that you need to fix your camber issues.  Instructions included to use your stock arms as a baseline and adjust these with our new spec.  This job can be performed by anyone competent with hand tools and familiar with setting toe.  These arms will more than pay for themselves on the first set of tires!

This kit fits 2012-early2021 model S, X, first gen 60, 60D, 75, 75D, 90, 90D, 100, 100D, Performance and second gen Raven, long range standard range suspensions.  Does not fit the late 2021+ refresh long range or plaid suspensions.  If you have a palladium, plaid or 2021+ refresh model, you need this kit:

The ride height sensor is precisely placed in the stock equivalent location.  The arms can be adjusted without affecting ride height calibration.  We include instructions to install based on a fixed length.  We believe this is a better approach for most customers as height variation can affect camber and make installation more difficult.

If you have a car with differing L and R camber, read our article.  You may need your ride height recalibrated.  Tesla S & X Alignment Woes or WOAHS  The arms can be adjusted independently but height issues should be addressed.  Arms can be installed before or after height calibration by Tesla.

Read  why these cars have too much camber on our blog here.

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If you have a 2021+ refresh S or X we also have a palladium camber kit for you here.

Downloadable Instructions included along with our recommended rear alignment specs after purchase.  Check your receipt email for a link.

Our latest arms are black powder coated and laser etched!

We offer a 6 year warranty against manufacturer defects to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. Should you experience a failure due to defect we will replace the broken part.  Ship us the defective part and we will send you a new one for a small shipping charge.  MACSBOOST is not responsible for any labor or other incidental costs.  Accidents, racing, ride share, taxi usage, dyno usage void the warranty and MACSBOOST reserves the right for final warranty replacement approval.  Replacement parts are subject to availability.

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