MACSBOOST Kawasaki SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit


MACSBOOST SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit

  • accurate fuel levels
  • tachometer
  • waterproof marine gauge
  • daylight readable TFT
  • no cutting, or splicing
  • Custom harness
  • plug and play solution


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MACSBOOST SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit is a plug and play solution to get accurate fuel levels and tachometer on your Kawasaki jet ski buoy missile.  The high brightness marine performance gauge comes ready to go with a plug and play harness and calibrated for accurate fuel levels.   The gauge uses the stock fuel sender and uses a multi point calibration for maximum accuracy.

Every 20% is about 1 gallon with 1 gallon as a reserve below 0. There are no “bars” this gauge reads fuel level percentage in 1% increments.  RPM is in increments of 100.  Only one 2-1/16 gauge hole is needed for mounting.  Power is electronically controlled on/off by the ECU so there is no additional significant drain on the battery.

Kit is shipped with custom plug in harness and is calibrated specifically for the Kawasaki SXR-1500 Jet ski application.  There is no cutting  splicing or guesswork.  The installation is factory quality.  The gauge is manufactured in Switzerland but sorry it is not a rolex.



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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