MACSBOOST Kawasaki SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit

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MACSBOOST SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit

  • accurate fuel levels
  • tachometer
  • waterproof marine gauge
  • daylight readable TFT
  • no cutting, or splicing
  • Custom harness
  • plug and play solution


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MACSBOOST SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit is a plug and play solution to get accurate fuel levels and tachometer on your Kawasaki jet ski buoy missile.  The high brightness marine performance gauge comes ready to go with a plug and play harness and calibrated for accurate fuel levels.   The gauge uses the stock fuel sender and uses a multi point calibration for maximum accuracy.

Every 20% is approximately 1 gallon with 1 gallon as a reserve below 0%. There are no “bars” this gauge reads fuel level percentage in 1% increments.  RPM is in increments of 100.  Only one 2-1/16 gauge hole is needed for mounting.  Power is electronically controlled on/off by the ECU so there is no additional significant drain on the battery.

Kit is shipped with custom plug in harness and is calibrated specifically for the Kawasaki SXR-1500 Jet ski application.  There is no cutting  splicing or guesswork.  The installation is factory quality.  The gauge is manufactured in Switzerland.  Rolex quality without the rolex price.

NOTE: To mount on the right side of the dash as shown, the MACSBOOST Velocity stack intake is required.  You must remove the stock airbox.  The gauge can be left hand mounted or mounted off center on the right if you wish to keep the airbox.  The harness is configured best for right hand mounting with the airbox removed. Watercraft, Pro force 1500 engine compatible.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

2 reviews for MACSBOOST Kawasaki SXR1500 Gauge Fuel and Tachometer kit

  1. Christopher Saulnier (verified owner)

    Kawasaki should include a fuel gauge on the SXR 1500, but doesn’t. Thankfully Mac solved the problem. The gauge works and removes the always present question “how much fuel is in the tank”. I learned that this does not work with the stock air intake box so order the Velocity Air Stack too.

    • supermac

      Yes, true. The area on the right side of the dash is cramped with the stock airbox. We do have customers that have mounted there and kept their airbox but it does require mounting more to the outer edge than shown. Be sure to measure twice and cut once! If you do delete the stock airbox (recommended) you have unlimited room and can mount in the location shown. We do offer an awesome hydrophobic velocity stack intake that is what most racers and rec riders use.

  2. rob

    hey there, i have a few questions about your sxr1500 fuel gauge/tach and the big foot filter, couldn’t find any other way to reach you, look forward to your response, thanks,

    • supermac

      The about page has our phone number/email.

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