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Yamaha FX,GP1800 & GP1800R Air Intake Modification

The 2021 Yamaha FX, GP1800R are awesome watercraft. They have tons of power in stock form. Fortunately there are some simple and cost effective mods available on Now we get to tell you how to tweak it even further and get the most of your modifications.

MACSBOOST offers the highest performance Yamaha Waverunner intake solution on the market. Racers and rec riders are discovering more rpm with this easy modification.

Many install an aftermarket air intake and get good results and stop. However, an air intake is only as good as the restriction in front of it.

The stock air inlet hoses crisscross and are almost flush when they terminate at the bottom of the hull. This is very bad for airflow as the factory typically leaves little gap. Who knew you had RPM laying in the bottom of your hull? You could just adjust the ends for an airflow improvement but why stop there.

We recommend relocating the hoses from the front of the tank to the rear. The length is already perfect.

Place a single zip tie on the tank strap about supercharger height and pull it snug, then use a large zip tie through the one you just added to the tank strap. Use this as an anchor point to to locate the end of the hose near the air inlet. We recommend to aim the hose down, not at but beside the filter at an angle as shown. Do the same on the opposite side.

Port side intake hose closeup. Notice the location and angle.

With the MACSBOOST hydrophobic intake you do not have to worry about splashes causing trouble. The inner layer is designed to disperse water.

yamaha waverunner gp1800r cold air intake
Port and starboard hose locations and angles around the MACSBOOST hydrophobic velocity stack intake.

The MACSBOOST Yamaha Waverunner velocity stack intake is custom molded to perfectly match the profile of the yamaha SVHO supercharger volute for the ultimate air charger. Our filter flows more air and provides more rpm than no filter at all. Every millimeter of our intake is custom engineered, molded and manufactured for marine performance. You simply can’t do any better. Extra hose or pipes cause pressure drops and rob power. This setup minimizes pressure losses and maximizes flow like no other. There is no better way to feed cool clean air to your waverunner.

We take this innovation a step further by using a large non magnetic stainless steel mesh screen and include a never seen before inner hydrophobic layer. This layer helps deflect splashes without power loss. All other competitors use an outer filter sock that is a restriction and robs power. We’ve seen 100RPM drops adding the socks over typical intake filters.

With the MACSBOOST velocity stack intake you get the best performance possible without compromise. If you are not running a MACSBOOST velocity stack intake you are leaving rpm, power and speed on the table.

While you are at it, check out our Stage 1 kit, which includes the velocity stack intake, the crankcase breather and our best selling ultra high performance MACSBOOST blow off valve as a package deal.

Happy Trails from on our 2021 Yamaha Waverunner GP1800R

6 thoughts on “Yamaha FX,GP1800 & GP1800R Air Intake Modification

  1. hey is there a customer service number or email??..want to buy a few things for my svho but have a few questions about them ..thanks

    1. Yes on the about page. 1.704.FAST.MAC

    2. Was wondering the same thing

  2. I will say this. I have been struggling to hit 90mph on my ski for a while. Usually hitting 89mph. I was running a deans team air filter and I swapped it out to try this. 150$ was worth the risk to me. Today I hit 90.3!

  3. How do I access the big black cool air hoses? I what to bring them closer to the velocity air intake. Do I reach in thru engine compartment or the front storage? 2020 gp1800r svho

    1. Go through storage area

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