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What’s In a MACSBOOST Honda Aquatrax F12X/R12X Stage 2 Plus Kit?

Perhaps you have already purchased a few items like a MACSBOOST impeller or MACSBOOST module Pro? Want to upgrade to a Stage 2 Plus but are not sure what you need? Here is a list of all the items in the kit. Don’t miss out on the extra performance, extra fun and extra smiles!

17/29 MACSBOOST Impeller & Impeller Tool (only MACSBOOST Includes the tool with every impeller purchase)

MACSBOOST Honda Velocity Stack Intake

MACSBOOST Intercooler Kit


Crankcase Breather

Our Stage 2 Plus kit is easy to install. No special tools required other than the Impeller tool already included in the kit.

In addition to the kit we also recommend the MACSBOOST pump wedge. This reduces drag, gives a drier ride and best off all more speed! This is a must-have on the R, and most F riders like the gains too. The only draw back is if riding 3 up at high speeds it may porpoise more than you would like.

Don’t be the “Captain slow” in your crew!

8 thoughts on “What’s In a MACSBOOST Honda Aquatrax F12X/R12X Stage 2 Plus Kit?

  1. Hi im in australia ive recently bought 2006 fx12r 184hrs thinking about kit is there stage 3?

    1. Check out our stage 2 plus kit. That gives the maximum reliable performance for the honda.

  2. What’s the recommended gas type to run with STAGE 2 PLUS?
    Regular pump 91 will cause any damage?
    How much gain should I expect on 91 or above fuel?


    1. 89, 91, will not hurt anything but performance will be reduced. 93 or higher is recommended for best results.

  3. Hi, looking at your stage 2 plus kit for my 06 R-12X. Have read great reviews and a lot of positive feedback but was wondering why you don’t offer an “to atmosphere” BOV kit as I’ve seen with your Yamaha products. Do you recommend doing this? Why/why not?

    1. A blow off valve is not necessary for good performance or reliability. You can add one but it is more for sound only. We offer a kit compatible with a stage 2 setup if you do want one.

      1. I acknowledge you guys have an immensely greater experience with these skis than I do but having had multiple forced induction cars and experiencing the benefits of a BOV, I’m curious how the Aquatrax wouldn’t benefit, aside from the sound. Of course I’d prefer putting effort and money into performance and reliability beneficial mods, just curious why a BOV wouldn’t be. Also, I’ve seen mixed reviews/opinions on the straight pipe kit. Can you provide insight on that? Thanks!

        1. The bov just adds sound. There are no perceivable reliability or performance benefits

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