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Make your Honda Aquatrax New Again

Add a MACSBOOST Module and enjoy a 2 second reduction in acceleration time to 59mph, radically better mid range throttle response and more top speed. Our Module is the best bang for the buck when it comes to performance improvements and is the easiest performance part of all to install. Welcome to

24 thoughts on “Make your Honda Aquatrax New Again

  1. Looking to upgrade my r12x would like to get some insight on your stage2 wedge and velocity stack performance Expectations. Also will have a straight through exhaust.

    1. Contact us via phone or Facebook messenger. 1.704.327.8622

  2. Hi!
    I am just going to order a Macboost stage 2 kit from you. I have a Aquatrax R12x from 2005 already fitted with a Solas 17/29. I am looking for higher topspeed. Do you have the Solas 18/30 and if, is it possible to trade the one in the stage 2 package for the 18/30? Or am I wrong about getting higher topspeed with the 18/30 and stage 2 kit?


  3. Hi we recommend the 17/29. The 18/30 results in sluggish acceleration with minimal speed difference. We use 17/29 with all of our kits

    1. Thanks for that info!
      Is it hard to fit the Stage 2 kit to the pwc? And what do you say to people that are worried about weak valve springs on their stock Honda when they go for stage 2?

  4. We do not raise the rev limiter. Floating a valve is just as likely to occur on a stock machine. For this reason we discourage any exhaust mods.

  5. Yes installing is easy and fully reversible. No permanent modifications are required and common hand tools are all that is required. We recommend a vice for changing the impeller but it can be done with a large adjustable wrench.

  6. Hi just purchased svho blow off valve. Let me know when it shipped thanks how do they hold up. Do they last a long time let me know thanks

    1. Hi, we use what we sell. Our In house gp1800 runs one. They are very high quality, custom made for us with stainless fasteners, premium silicone tubing, etc.

  7. Hi supermac.

    I purchased the earlier module that has 3 pins at the end of the modules wiring on one side.

    Is it possible to purchase a connector for the 3 pin side of the modules wiring so that it can be converted to a plug and play set-up?

    Not sure how long the newer module has had connectors on both sides of the wiring so as a reference if it can be helpful, the earlier modules wiring that has 3 pins are inserted into the gray stock connector that plugs into the turbo pressure sensor.

    If a connector is available, would the existing pins be able to simply fit into the new connector or would wires need to be cut and soldered potentially creating a corrosion point or other electrical compromise?

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi the pins are not the same. We do not offer it as a part. Check out our new module. Plug and play with new features.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.

        I’ll check out the new products. :O)

        Thanks again!

  8. Not sure if this is a dumb question, I have a 2005 Honda R-12. Do these upgrades work on the R-12’s? Not sure what the difference is with the R-12 vs R-12X
    Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately our mods are not compatible with the R non turbo. While some things may fit, they are not recommended. We actually recommend keeping your ski stock. A solas impeller will help hookup some, but is not something that add speed. Your most economical move is to sell the non turbo and find a turbo to play with.

  9. Hello, do you have the MacsBoost decals available? I’d like to get 2, 1 for each side of my jetski. Btw, I have the stage 1 setup and my ski is awesome. It’s a very noticeable improvement. Thanks

    1. Yes, I have some

  10. Hi how are you, I have a 2004 Honda Aquatrax r-12x and I am considering the stage one kit, as far as top speed and whole shot what can I expect going from completely stock to the stake one kit? I’m mostly interested in top speed.

  11. Hi, I’ve looked all over your sight and I’m left wondering if your new boost module will fit a Honda Aquatrax F15x and what other performance bits maybe available. I dont see much available for this particular ski.

    1. We have a velocity stack intake and a pump wedge available for your ski. That is all. Our other stage kits are discontinued.

    2. The module does not fit the 15. We offer a velocity stack intake and a pump wedge for the 15x.

  12. Hi, I purchased the r12x stage 2 kit a while ago and I was wondering if the sparkplug gap needed to be ajusted from factory 0.036 to 0.022 since boost is going up, thanks.

    1. No, do not adjust gap.

  13. Hello,

    Any helpful ideas, suggestions for replacing the ecu on a 2003 Aquatrax F12X.

    Best price place, fastest ship, least hassles?

    Like to look into your upgrades but need ecu first.

    Should I be shutting off power from battery every time that I put it away to help the next one last longer? Will your intercooler help with internal hull temperature?


    1. We always recommend new. The potting breaks down over time, gets cracks and corrosion. New is the best policy.

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