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McPi Carbon Fiber Aluminum Racing Raspberry Pi Case

The McPi case is precision Machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized in matte silver.  Topped with an aerospace grade carbon fiber bonnet and assembled with stainless fasteners this case has all the technology you need to put your Raspberry Pi in the winner’s circle.

Yes this is one awesome looking case but does it perform? Rumor has it the performance of this case is so high even the Stig may not be able to administer it.

MACSBOOST McPi Racing Carbon Fiber Aluminum Raspberry Pi Case
Carbon Fiber Aluminum Motorsports inspired Raspberry Pi Case Rendering
The actual McPi case, just after being machined!

High performance thermal characteristics are provided by the precision machined heat sink risers that touch both the processor and ethernet engine. Think high W/(mK). Ebon Upton eat your heart out.

Internal view of the MACSBOOST McPi Raspberry Pi Case

Internal access is provided for the Pi’s Header, however the huge heatsink might get in the way and will likely not fit your hat accessories.  The good news is you get thermal performance that obliterates the competition. This pi case is best suited for hat free duty such as Pi Research, Coding, Hackathons, Street Racing, Octopi, Kodi, Mining, Emulationstation or Retropie. Check this site for great torrents of retropie images:

A functional stainless steel power switch serves as both Pi(t) command and a telemetry indicator.  The ultra blue indicator ring LED illuminates on power up and turns off with shut down after a brief modification to /boot/config.txt.

Don’t let your underpowered pi case get blown off your desk or entertainment center! Our case is wind tunnel tested and leaf blower approved. Is yours?  You never know when the next office leaf blower office chair race will commence.

Now featuring our proprietary internal *Extra Gravity* technology and low CG optimization.

Pi R Squared design provides optimum (CL) and minimum (CD) at 45 degree angles of attack.

McPi Racing Motorsports Raspberry Pi Case MACSBOOST
Rear and side view of the MACSBOOST McPi Raspberry Pi Case

Radio performance is still awesome despite the premium materials surrounding your pi.  If you need better wifi performance you can hack an external high gain antenna or plug in an external USB wifi adapter.   (not recommended if your are under FCC surveillance)

Carbon Fiber “Bonnet” on the McPi Raspberry Pi Case

Optimized for the Pi 3B+ form factor.  Older Pis will fit but your mileage may vary.

Design cues were provided by the high performance motorsports electronics cases from Techmor.  Go check out some of their great motorsports products.

Custom Designed by MACSBOOST in Race City, USA

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I have an R-12X Honda Aquatrax, what mods should I do?

If you are on a budget. We recommend to start with the infamous MACSBOOST module. This by far is the most cost effective modification for your Honda Aquatrax R-12X Turbocharged PWC.

In an instant you will see higher speeds and much greater acceleration. Boost is increased and lag is electronically reduced. Jumping waves is far more fun as peak boost recovers much faster than stock.

check out this customer video.

Honda R12X with only the MACSBOOST module

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Boost Gauge on an Apple or Android watch?

Seriously Awesome, The MACSBOOST module is able to send boost in real time to your mobile device over Bluetooth le. It is compatible with most applications that support heart rate monitor sensors. Full Android watches, Apple iwatch, mobile devices, etc can all read boost pressure wirelessly. For IOS we recommend Heart Graph/mapmyride. It is also compatible with our Android Application found on google play. With map my ride and you can log your boost pressure and location/speed. As new heart rate apps are released, they should work with our module as it emulates the standard polar heart rate sensor. Heart rate is = boost *10.

Put your Boost gauge where you want it. On your wrist!