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MACSBOOST Velocity Stack Intakes, Why are they different?

Our intakes take a different approach. We aim for simplicity and performance. Have a look in the highest performance race boats at the races and see what they are running. They usually do not pick parts that slow them down! In real world applications, our intakes are becoming the “go to” solution for the highest performance applications.

Any HVAC expert knows that more hose results in more pressure drop. They also know that 90 degree bends are equally as bad. If air=HP, then why not eliminate as much hose and as many bends as possible?

Any good centrifugal compressor expert knows that the OD of the inlet is extremely sensitive. They also know that the inner part of the inlet does the least amount of work. This is the opposite of most standard throttle body inlets.

Lucky for you, we understand the physics and the science behind what delivers real performance. If you are running any other intake you could be going faster!

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