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MACSBOOST Module Production and Calibration

In 2019 we re engineered our MACSBOOST module, the worlds only plug in Honda Aquatrax turbocharged watercraft performance solution to incorporate Bluetooth and a new 32 bit 180mhz dual core microprocessor.

Our Performance improving module revolutionized the PWC performance industry in 2004. Since then thousands of modules have been sold around the world. Our new version turns up the performance to “11”

Here is a behind the scenes look at the factory calibration step of the MACSBOOST Module Pro.

MACSBOOST Module Pro Factory Calibration

Each module is meticulously calibrated using the worlds smallest oscilloscope…. Though dimenutive just like the xprotolab scope the Module packs a powerful punch.

The end result is a trouble free and more awesome experience on the water.

Get your module today and enjoy the ride!

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